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Yes, ray hates trekking poles and therefore sets up another silly argument against them. Beyond backpacking by ray jardine is a revised version of his older book the pct hikers handbook. Feeding peanuts to a brazen bluejay that hops and bobs for attention, ray jardine smiles wryly through a closecropped saltandpepper beard. Feb 14, 2017 the softspoken 50yearold sitting in the pale sunshine outside his pacific northwest home seems an unlikely troublemaker. If you engage in backpacking, at some point, you may consider packing a lighter load. Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a multitude of updated information, detailing ray jardine s lightweight backpacking techniques, his gear. Pyar ki umang 2 full movie in hindi free download hd 1080p. However, after a careful reading of beyond backpacking, we find we must do a bit of both. Hari puttar a comedy of terrors man 2 full mp4 movie download.

Now full of colour photos and diagrams, this new title reflects a multitude of updated information, detailing ray jardine s lightweight backpacking techniques, his gear, and his methods for enjoyable and safe trekking and camping. Ray jardines guide to lightweight hiking ray jardine on. The ultimate ultralight backpacking book hike light have more fun. In this book, he omits the pct specific information, and elaborates on his lightweight hiking methods.

This page features stories about long distance lightweight hiking, baja and arctic alaska sea kayaking, subarctic barrenlands canoeing, aerospace composite kayak construction, hanggliding, round the world sailing, free fly skydiving, ocean rowing. And this translates to a more efficient style of hiking with less effort and less fatigue. Beyond backpacking is a followup to his book are how to hike the pacific crest trail. That consideration was the main reason that backpacking lightweight was created in 1996, and it continues to be its primary focus.

Ebook free download great chefs cook vegan by linda long ebook. He rocked the world of climbing, challenged the accepted wisdom in sea kayaking, and now ray jardine turned his renegade way of thinking to backpacking. Lightweight backpacking hiking in portland, oregon and washington. Poring over lightweight backpacking guru ray jardines website. Jul 04, 2002 we came to praise ray, not to bury him. The book was revised and retitled in 1999 as beyond backpacking, and revised. There are several gear chapters, including backpack, tarp and tent, quilt. This 2009 publication is the updated version of ray s classic 1990 beyond backpacking.

Ray jardine played a significant role in popularizing an ultralight approach to backpacking. I was very pleased with its performance, and impressed with its adaptability. Beyond backpacking by ray jardine backpacking light. Open the ray jardine tarp with beaks i made it myself using the instructions in ray jardines beyond backpacking. This is ray jardine s new, fullcolour, 2009 edition of his bestselling book beyond backpacking. Mar 27, 2019 just as you ramp up the distance and elevation youre covering, you can littlebylittle up your packweight. Getting in shape for hiking season mountain house blog. Adventure club and backcountry rental services based in summit county, co, serving frisco, silverthorne, dillon, breckenridge, alma, fairplay, and the greater rocky mountain colorado high country region. My partner and i recently hiked the appalachian trail and used a ray jardine homemade tarp for the journey. The softspoken 50yearold sitting in the pale sunshine outside his pacific. In beyond backpacking, legendary thruhiker ray jardine recommends full water bottles as a handy way to tweak your load. Through 2004, we sold over 1900 copies of ray jardines book, beyond backpacking, with no margin i. Ray jardines guide to lightweight hiking by ray jardine ebook free download bioidentical hormones made easy by y.

Ray jardines trail life is a must for anyone thinking about doing the pct. So thanks to ray for his free and forward thinking. Beyond backpacking is a major upgrade to the pacific crest trail hikers handbook. Ray s basic theory is that if you pack light enough, you can travel 2 or 3 times further with the same energy. There are chapters on the safety of lightweight hiking and on packweight evolution. Ray jardine s guide to lightweight hiking read now pdf onlineclik here. The book, a howto manual for any longdistance hike and not just a guide to. Manual on planning and preparing for hikes of the pacific crest. The books below are representative of the more popular and useful books currently on the market that focus on hiking, backpacking and safe travel in the backcountry. Like ray, i was so prepared for any contingency that i could hardly lift my pack.

Ive been backpacking regularly for years but i can honestly say that this book taught me a lot and opened my eyes more than once. The 3rd version of his classic lightweight backpacking book. Ray jardines guide to lightweight hiking by ray jardine with fast free shipping on every used book we have in. Trail life, beyond backpacking, the ray way tarp book, siku kayak, the pacific crest trail hikers handbook. The new title reflects the multitude of updated information. The ultimate ultralight backpacking book hike light. During a previous long distance trek, i had much success with a lightweight backpack i had made from one of his kits. I have reproduced ray jardine s impressively minimal packing list below, not because its particularly relevant to the type of travel addressed by e. The ray way amounts to an almost total repudiation of what jardine.

This is ray s new, fullcolor, 2009 edition of his bestselling beyond backpacking. Ray jardine s lightweight backpacking by ray jardine ebook. I believe that ray jardine s techniques and philosophy will revolutionize hiking and camping. Ray jardines guide to lightweight hiking paperback july 1, 1999. This 400 page book with color photos details ray jardine s lightweight backpacking techniques, his gear, and his methods for enjoyable and safe hiking and camping. Beyond backpacking by ray jardine was, perhaps, the creation of the ultralight backpacking. Trail life by customer when i found out ray jardine was publishing a new edition of beyond backpacking i went to his web site and ordered a usefull links related to trail life. Rainbow i finished my knife and sheath, as usual the components in the kit and instructions are of the highest quality. My theoretical introduction to the world of ultralight backpacking came in the late 1990s, in the form of ray jardines, the pacific crest trail hikers handbook. Currently, thousands of hikers are beginning to enjoy the benefits of going light.

Like ray jardine, i learned my camping and backpacking skills in scouts. Trail life book covers the essentials of ray and jenny jardine s lightweight hiking methods and equipment including clothing and footwear, nourishment and physical conditioning, and the myriad topics that contribute to these basics. Ray jardines lightweight backpacking australian hiker. However, ive seen a number of people that take ray s mathematics out of context. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Beyond backpacking is a relatively new and innovative approach to lightweight backpacking. In beyond backpacking, ray describes an advertisers claim that their poles eliminate an average of six tons of stress per mile on a hikers legs, feet, and back. This refers to a shaped tarp design developed by ray jardine, one of the early proponents of modern ultralight backpacking, and author of the lightweight backpacking classic, beyond backpacking. Ray jardine has probably done more than anyone else in the last decade to alter the way backpackers approach planning and equipping their longdistance hikes. He and his wife are best known for their 3rd pct hike in 1994 after hiking the at, cdt, and pctx2 where they really honed their ultralight approach, each carrying a baseweight of about 8 pounds of homemade gear. Ray jardine beyond backpacking pdf download 10vkep. The ray way backpack does not inhibit this biomechanical motion of the shoulders, spine, and hips, because the backpack does not reach the hips. Long distance, lightweight hiking and backpacking, baja and arctic sea kayaking, barrenlands canoeing, rock climbing, round the world sailing, skydiving, ocean rowing. Ray jardine has written my favorite book on backpacking.

It details his present system of long distance thruhiking, which i based on 25,000 miles of trailtested knowhow. Unlike ray, i didnt figure it out for myselfi had to read his book. He is also noted for his contributions to the ultralight backpacking community. If you have been around rock climbing or long distance hiking circles for a while then the name ray jardine is one that will be familiar.

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